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“Customer(s)” means the customer(s) requesting the Service(s) of Platinum Emergency Services Ltd (Platinum). 

“Platinum” means the company (Platinum Emergency Services Ltd) providing the Service(s) to the customer(s).

“Service” includes (but is not limited to) plumbing, heating, gas electrics and roofing. 

  •  1. HEADINGS

1.1 The headings used herein shall be for the convenience only and shall not in themselves form part of the terms and conditions. The Customer(s) statutory rights are unaffected.



2.1. Platinum shall ensure that all its staff are competent, properly trained and courteous.

2.2. Platinum shall provide a 24-hr Service Sunday to Sunday exclusive of statutory holidays at the current standard rates of Platinum amended from time to time by Platinum.

2.3. The Service shall be offered on the basis that it will be provided as quickly as reasonably possible within the confines of current work load, available personnel, weather and traffic conditions, availability of parts and other conditions which are outside the direct control of Platinum. Liability will not be accepted for situations, which arise that are not within Platinum’s direct control.

2.4. Platinum reserves the right to prioritise jobs on an urgency basis. We will endeavour to deploy our engineers in the order that jobs are received.


3.1. Much of our work is dirty by its very nature and spillages of water and marking do occur from time to time usually unavoidable. Every effort shall be made by Platinum to keep any spillage of water or damage to a minimum taking account that Platinum is often dealing in awkward/emergency situations of which it has very little (if any) choice of control [Platinum has clear conditions as to liability (if any).

3.2. Whilst every care will be taken by Platinum in respect of the Services, it accepts no responsibility for any damage to brickwork, plasterwork, decoration, flooring, etc. as a consequence of the execution of the Services, unless specifically provided for in the quotation. Cuts or holes made to allow for equipment shall be made good, but not permanently finished or decorated unless with prior agreement with the Customer. Floor boards will be replaced but special flooring shall not be permanently re-fixed.

3.3. The Customer shall be responsible for preparing the areas for which the Services are required including walk ways and to fully protect or remove carpets, furniture and valuables. Should the work areas and walk ways not be fully protected or removed the Customer shall accept all direct and/or indirect risks of spillage, leaks, stains, breakage and damage however so caused.

3.4. Platinum shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage through the Customer not taking adequate and reasonable precautions by removing or protecting carpets, furniture and valuable in the work areas and walk ways. Items that are unprotected or not removed by the Customer shall be regarded as of nil value.

3.5. Platinum shall remove furniture, carpeting and valuables if so specifically requested by the Customer but shall not be responsible for damage whether direct or indirect caused by carrying out such work, not be responsible for the re-instatement or the cost thereof unless prior agreement.

3.6. Platinum shall move/dismantle/reassemble/re-fix/replace cupboards, units, floorboards and the like if so requested by the Customer but shall not be responsible for damage direct or indirect caused by carrying out such work nor be responsible for the re-instatement or the cost thereof.

3.7. Platinum shall not be responsible for scorch marks, stains, spillages or any other event causing damage which it deems unavoidable in the circumstances prevailing at the time of the Services .

3.8. Platinum shall not undertake any Services for any Customer proposing to hold Platinum responsible for any damage caused by events covered except for liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence of Platinum’s personnel, Platinum’s obligations concerning the Services performed shall constitute the full extent of its liability in respect of any lose or damage suffered by the Customer whether by negligence of Platinum or arising from any cause whatsoever and Platinum shall not be liable for any loses consequential or otherwise arising there from.


4.1. The Customer shall be responsible at all times for obtaining and retaining any necessary consent, licence permit or any other authority necessary for the execution of the Services.

4.2. The Customer shall ensure that all furniture, furnishings, fixtures and fittings are removed so that Platinum can carry out the Services. The only exception to this shall be where Platinum have prior agreement to do this as part of the Services.

4.3. The Customer shall protect and cover all furnishings, fixtures and fittings which may not be able to be removed.

  •  5. CHARGES

5.1. The charge made will be based on either:

· A time and materials basis, calculated on current rates and prices of Platinum.

· A fixed price quotation by Platinum.

5.2. Labour charges are calculated from the point of arrival at the Customer’s premises to the point of completing the Services and are calculated on a ½ hourly basis (i.e. 40 minutes would be chargeable as 1 hour). Platinum shall not charge the Customer anymore than ½ hour when collecting materials unless in some cases the Customer is advised and is in agreement of longer journey times to collect materials.

5.3. Platinum shall charge a minimum labour charge of ½ hour in all instances.

5.4. Parts and fittings stocked in Platinum’s vans shall be charged at the current selling list price of Platinum and shall not be subject to any discount except by way of confirmed written agreement. Materials collected from the merchants shall be charged as cost price plus 20%.

5.5. A fixed price quotation shall be supplied in writing by Platinum or agreed on site and written on the invoice and signed by the Customer.

5.6. Quotations for water heating installations are based on the assumption that the existing plumbing system is in a satisfactory condition. No responsibility shall be accepted for defects arising from water tanks, pipes, etc. during or subsequent to installation work by Platinum.

5.7. Platinum does not charge any travelling time (except when this involved collection of materials from suppliers).

5.8. Platinum shall not charge for the usage of normal small trade tools, but shall pass on any other charges incurred through the hire of special tools and plant, and shall itself apply reasonable charges for the use of its own plant and special equipment/specialist tools that may at times be required to complete the Services.

5.9. All quotations, estimates and guide rate prices etc, given by Platinum verbally or in writing to the Customer shall be subject to value added tax (VAT) at the rate currently in force.

5.10. All parking costs and any other relevant charges (i.e. toll roads, congestion charge) shall be charged at cost to the Customer.

5.11. Platinum reserves the right to charge for Services that have been accepted by the Customer and the Customer thereafter cancels the Service. These charges are as follows:


This is work that has been pre-arranged, inspected and quoted on by Platinum Emergency Services for which the customer has accepted said quotation and arrangements has been made and agreed for the commencement of a specific date and time by both parties. The Customer is required to give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or amendment to Platinum Emergency Services. Cancellation period falls between the hours of 09:00hrs – 17:00hrs, Monday to Friday, and does not include Saturdays or Sundays or national holidays. Cancellation fee shall range between 2hrs – 8hrs lost labour but are not limited to this amount of time. Platinum reserves the right to charge for the relevant trade rate plus the current rate of VAT. Charges may also apply where materials have been sourced and ordered at the Customer’s request.


This is work that is carried out immediately at the request of the Customer in an aid to prevent further loss and mitigate damage. Due to the nature of our business, a cancellation fee shall be applied if a Customer instructs us to provide emergency assistance then later cancels that request. In cases of cancellation of works required, Platinum reserves the right, but is not limited to charge the first ½ hour rate plus the current rate of VAT for the relevant trade deployed.

  •  6. PAYMENT

6.1. No Services shall be undertaken until the Customer (or the Customer’s authorised agent) has signed the authorisation or has undertaken to make payment on completion of the Services or if an account Customer has undertaken to make payment within the agreed account terms.

6.2. Payment shall be due in full upon completion of the Services. The only exceptions are authorised account customers. For authorised account customers, if non-payment is received within the agreed terms of your account, Platinum reserves the right to charge statutory interest at a rate of 8% above the Bank of England base rate on any amount outstanding in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

6.3. Where, for whatever reason, the Customer is unable or unwilling to make payment on completion of the Services, Platinum shall be entitled to charge for additional time and costs expended on the collection of money owing. This includes but not limited to, debt collection, solicitor’s fee, additional administration charges, etc.

6.4. Platinum shall reserve the right for whatever reasons to require advance payments, stage payments or deposits from the Customer before or during the Services.

6.5. Platinum shall reserve the right for whatever reason to refuse cheques, unless supported by a valid and current cheque guarantee cards up to the value of the cheque and or to require the Customer to make payment by another method i.e. cash, credit or debit card. Should payment be offered by the Customer by cheques which subsequently on presentation for payment is dishonoured for whatever reasons, a charge of £35.00 shall be made to the Customer for each and every presentation, to offset the administration charge suffered by Platinum.

6.6. By prior written arrangement only, Platinum shall allow account facilities. Only signed official orders shall be accepted in lieu of payment, and it shall be a specified condition of Platinum granting account facilities, this company’s terms and conditions shall take precedence over all others.

6.7. Payment from account Customer shall be due within 30 days of completion of the Services unless otherwise agreed expressly between Platinum and the Customer.

6.8. Platinum shall retain ownership of all materials, plant and machinery, even though installed or delivered on site until the complete payment of all outstanding balances have been received in full from the Customer.


7.1. All guaranteed work shall carry an unconditional ‘no quibble’ 100 day warranty during which time any defect arising directly through faulty manufacture of parts or workmanship shall be rectified free of charge.

7.2. Platinum shall only accept and carry out the Customers work instructions on the basis that the warranty shall be for 100 days only, and no Services shall be undertaken whatsoever for any Customer proposing to hold Platinum responsible for any defects or damage arising or notified after 100 days unless that Services shall benefit from an extended warranty agreement paid for by the Customer.

7.3. Where the Services specifically benefit from Platinum’s 100-day warranty and during that time becomes defective or fails, Platinum shall subject to its terms and conditions provide support service between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays within 24 hours of notification and will make no charge for labour rectifying the failure or defect nor charge for placing any faulty parts supplied by Platinum, providing that the failure or defect is due directly or solely through parts supplied and charged for by Platinum within the previous 100 days.

7.4. Platinum shall charge for labour and/or parts to rectify failures or defects where on inspection, all parts supplied by Platinum within the previous 100 days are confirmed to be faultless and/or are being prevented from working satisfactory due to other reasons and shall also charge for any new or extra work which is not a direct duplication of the Services already done and charged for within the previous 100 days, or where the necessity to carry out that work previously was not apparent at the time of the work neither carried out nor charged for or where the Customer has been previously advised the situation may occur. Any support service requested by the Customer outside the scope above will be provided if at all possible but will be liable to additional charge.

7.5. Platinum’s own warranty considerably exceeds any manufacturer’s guarantee by providing a full 100 day’s part and labour warranty. However while Platinum shall itself bear the labour costs during its own warranty period of 100 days and shall additionally supply replacement parts free of the duration of the manufacturers’ guarantee (if any) Platinum shall apply its normal labour charge after 100 days. All guarantees shall be immediately invalidated if there is found to be any evidence of miss-use, tampering, attempted repair or removal by any person other than Platinum’s service staff or Platinum’s authorised agent(s). Parts and materials shall only be supplied on the above basis, and parts shall not be supplied by Platinum to any Customer proposing to hold Platinum responsible for any period, costs, expenses, parts in excess of those covered above.


8.1 Platinum reserves the right to monitor data and record all calls for the aid of staff training and quality control purposes. 

8.2 Call data monitoring and recording shall be used to aid and resolve any disputes should they arise between Platinum and our customer(s)

8.3 Platinum reserves the right to keep all call monitoring data and audio recordings for a period of 90 days in compliance with GDPR.


9.1 Platinum takes the safety of our staff and customer(s) extremely serious and operates a zero tolerance on any forms of mental or physical behaviour by either our customer(s) or our staff.

9.2 Platinum reserves the right to monitor at all times lone workers and staff whilst undertaking all customer(s) requests. All video, photographs and audio taken within a customer(s) property shall be captured and kept for the purpose of our staff and customer(s) safety.

In addition, data may be used to demonstrate customer(s) instructions and/or work completed. In the unlikely event of a dispute, all video, photographs and audio recording(s) may be used as an aid to investigate and or resolve any investigations, disputes and/or complaints raised by the customer(s) or our staff.

9.3 Platinum reserves the right to keep all video and audio recordings for a period of 90 days in compliance with GDPR. 

9.4 Platinum shall keep all work photographs along with all job reports from site visits for an unlimited amount of time. The customer(s) has the right to request in writing that all or part of their data is deleted from our system(s).

At times video, audio and photographs may be used on our Youtube TV channel. At no times will this information contain any type of personally identifiable information.

9.4 Platinum reserves the right to pass unto the authorities all video, photographs and audio recordings that it considers right and proper for the purpose of upholding the law.


10.1. This Agreement shall be governed by and the parties to this Agreement hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


11.1. The parties to this Agreement shall use their best efforts to amicably resolve any disputes between them by attempting mediation before any litigation.

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