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I left the Army after serving many of years in 2003 after joining the services in 1994 as a Junior Marine.  I trained and served with both the Royal Marines and the Army and had the honour to serve my country and work alongside many stellar people who have taught and inspired me with thirst for learning and passion to make a difference alongside a can do attitude. 

Unfortunately due to an accident in 2000 I had to leave my military career.

Being a soldier was always my passion in life and I experienced a period of being lost.  I yearned to find another career where what I did counted towards something and gave me a sense of achievement alongside further opportunities to help people. 

Some of my childhood was spent alongside my siblings and our father at his work. Our father spent his entire life with his own siblings running a small family kitchen, bedroom and bathroom company.  From the age of 6, I watched and learned from various tradesmen their crafts, which gave me the knowledge and enabled me to work with my heart and hands.

I was fortunate enough soon after discharge from the Army to secure a position within a well renowned construction company. It turned out to be a life changing move. I zipped up and down the country covering emergency requests for big companies for all plumbing & heating and carpentry requests, I absolutely loved it, working as a team under pressure to deliver a first class service. A job that really mattered had landed at my feet. Unfortunately this did not last. Again struck with misfortune, a huge company ceased trading after a century in the service sector. I once again found myself, lost without a career, direction or purpose.

You know how sometimes you read a story about a company or business idea that started with nothing. This is that company. The night I found out I lost my job and with no pay check I had to borrow ten pounds for petrol from my Mum Good old Mum. I had a call from a friend, who had a friend that needed emergency help, their home had a burst pipe in their ceiling causing their home to flood.

This was where it all started the seed of the idea and birth of Platinum. The inspiration came that very night from the look I saw on the ladies face. As I managed to stop her home from flooding and repaired her plumbing I helped her tidy up. Her look of relief was more than anything I could have anticipated. I had helped her at a real time of need and it felt really special very humbling with a sense of pride, quite a unique feeling, but was the same feeling I had the honour of recognising whilst serving my country.  The lady that night was in age and she said to me “you are a little gem as precious as platinum thank you so much”.

That same night I had found a renewed purpose in my life. I wanted to build something with my two hands, a business. Something special that anyone could call upon in their time of need. A company that served the people. With core values. The same values that had been instilled into me throughout growing up and being a soldier. Platinum Emergency Services was born in April 2004.

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