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Welcome back to all our plumbing and Heating engineers to winter 2018. This short post is to tell everyone firstly I am back to blogging again. I missed you all and especially our conversations.

Secondly, in coming back to writing blogs again with a new site I want to shake things up a little. I think apart from our normal posts we should also attempt to help out our new starters into the industry, those plumbing and heating engineers just getting started or thinking of entering into the profession as either a plumber or heating engineers or both.

In short, these posts are going to be for everyone! This is going to be a place where we can all sit back chill out talk shop, share advice and guidance on everything from tools to running a successful plumbing and heating company in 2018. I need all of your input as well as giving mine to discuss the burning issues we all face on a daily basis and all wish to talk about. That being said welcome back and if you’re new here welcome, let’s roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

Conversation Starter


I thought about where to get the conversation going for my first post in a very long time and it has to be expansion vessels the good the bad and the ugly. A timely winter conversation stater.

We all have to wrestle with these on a daily basis so let’s start the conversation going with tips and tricks. tools and additional equipment you guys and girls use on a daily basis to make your lives a little easier.

Come say hi in the comments. As stated above this blog is for everyone all over the globe, not just London plumbing and heating engineers or new starters everyone is welcome. I would love to hear from the entire world after all we all use expansion vessels.

A quick side note to all our spammers this blog and all future post shall be moderated! anyone dropping links without a genuine reason or consent as always will be blocked so please go waste your own time and not others.

Happy Christma


Wishing all you guys and girls a very Happy Christmas and good health and prosperity for 2019; James Platinum Emergency Services Ltd.