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Thanks for stopping by to read this short blog post. This post is to let everyone know we have started our website blog over and we will start writing a monthly blog post again to start with. This may then become more frequent dependent on the engagements we receive.

We will see how we go this time around as all future blog posts are going to be aimed at different communities with the hope of something of value for everyone. Not just plumbing and heating engineers in London alone this time around. I would love to hear from all plumbing and heating engineers around the world as well as anyone with an interest in our field. I hope to also share lots of information this time, such as business advice, including mistakes we have personally made along our journey, tips and tricks on how to run a successful service business in 2019 and beyond.

If you would like us to write a post on something specific please leave your comments below.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, best James

Advance notice to spammers! All comments and links are monitored, if they serve no purpose or add no value to users of our blog they will not be posted and your email and IP will be blocked and banned from all future posts.