A couple of weeks ago, it was announced by the UK Met Office that there was an impending drought and as such, a hose ban was put in place where if anyone got caught using a hose, that person would be fined. During the months of April and some parts of May, the UK was totally drenched in rain to the point where you would get sick of the rain falling daily.  With all this rain, you would think that our drought problem was finally over.  This, however, was not the case and as such a partial lift of the hose ban was put in place for a period of 28 days.  This sadly was only for garden centres. We can all do our part and there are various ways of conserving water which would in turn save a lot of money. It is a well known fact that about 24% of household water usage comes from flushing the toilet, yes people, flushing the toilet.  On average UK toilet cisterns hold approximately 6 litres of water, however, to conserve even more water, you could have a save-a-flush device installed or a Hippon device which both save between 1 litre to 2.5 litres per flush.  This is mostly recommended for the older type cisterns as the new ones are up to regulations. We all know that at times, we sometimes get carried away and run the water constantly while taking a shower.  Did you know, that there are water saving shower heads available that are available that will help to reduce water use by about 60% without us feeling guilty while running our showers and believe it or not, this does not affect the loss of performance.  How fabulous is that!!.  Sadly though, these cannot be used on electric showers or any type of shower with a low water pressure. This other saving tip might not be beneficial for those of us who take very and when I say very, I mean very long showers.  Are you ready for this, shower timers!.  Yes people, you are reading correctly, shower timers.  What this does is to monitor how long someone actually spends in the shower.  You can also set a time which limits how long the shower is on for. Another bit waster of water is our bathroom and kitchen taps.  There are inserts that can be placed in our taps which will allow us to use less water.  This is especially useful for those of us who tend to run the tap while washing the dishes or brushing our teeth. For more tips on how to conserve water, you can visit www.thameswater.co.uk As we all know, water is a source of life and we all need to do our part in trying to conserve it as much as we possibly can.