Simple Do It Yourself Tip on How to Unblock a Kitchen Sink

One can always argue that it is more economical to prevent problems from happening rather than solving them after they have occurred. How many of us can honestly admit that without thinking, we pour items down the drains and not give it a second thought as to whether or not it will eventually block up and ultimately cost a lot of money to clear the blockage. In order to avoid calling an emergency plumber DO NOT pour grease or any other products that cannot be broken down easily in the drain.  Always use a sink strainer if you do not have a garbage disposal unit attached as this will prevent large particles from entering the drainage system. If for any reason your drains become blocked, do not panic.  Always to to solve the problem first by doing some do it yourself home remedy.  You may already have these items in your kitchen cupboard, which are vinegar and baking soda.  All you need to do it pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of boiling vinegar down the drain.  It is advisable that you wait about 5-6 minutes before flushing the drain with roughly 2 quarts of hot water.  Repeat this process a couple more time.  Both the baking soda and vinegar acts as acid which should break down the food particles in the drain. If this does not work, then your drains are more blocked than anticipated.  It is now wise to call in an expert. It is advisable to find an emergency plumber/drain specialist who after you explain the problem to them, will be able to give you some idea as to what may have caused the blockage after you have explained to them what have been poured down the drain over time which may have caused the build up.