Now the Summer has long gone, most if not all of us smiles have now become a frown.  During the Summer months, we were all cheerful and had that feel good attitude.  After all people, we were getting some sunshine and warm weather however short a period we had it.  With all that happiness, it would appear that Winter was a million light years away.  We may have forgotten that Winter was only in another couple of weeks, and that the weather would change and the miserable feeling would soon set in. Although this Winter has not been as cold as previous ones, there are evenings when the central heating is a must and it has to be turned on, try as we may to avoid using any extra gas with the high cost as is it already.  However, with months of only being active when we use hot water, for some strange reason, some central heating systems tend to malfunction. In order to avoid all the added stress that comes with not having a properly functioned boiler, it is advisable that you service your boiler once a year especially if the boiler is an older model.  The choice is really up to you. What does servicing a boiler really involves?  It is checking, cleaning, testing and fault spotting.  Special emphasis is placed on testing all the different functions of the boiler for safety and correct operation.  In addition, the electrical connections are checked. Be careful of some of these bigger companies whose engineers who try and cut corners on the work then produce a large bill at the end.  They often use words such as "annual safety check" which is completely different from "boiler service".  When servicing your boiler, try and do this before the Autumn months as this could eventually save you money and headache in trying to find a competent Gas Safe Certified Engineer.  Do not wait until the last minute like most of us tend to do. When you decide to service your boiler, ensure that you seek a registered Gas Safe Certified Engineer.  You can always find a full list on the Gas Safe website.  Do not be afraid to ask to see their identification card before they even touch your boiler.  If you get some sill excuse such as, "it is in my van" or "I left it at home", then DO NOT let them touch your boiler until they can produce this card because more than likely, they are not registered and should anything goes wrong, you have no way of being compensated. Once you have found a trustworthy Gas Safe Engineer, you can rest assured that you will be able to rely on that person or company, each time something goes wrong with your boiler to fix the problem.