Road Chaos During Olympic

With the London Summer olympics only a few weeks away, there is a wave of excitement  around.  Some athletes have already began to arrive at London's Heathrow Airport and pretty soon, there will be nothing but chaos on our roads, buses and trains. As a business owner who operates a 24-hr emergency company, it is difficult enough to get around on a daily basis much less what is expected when olympics has gotten into full gear.    It is vital that we are able to get to all our customers within the specified time, which in my opinion, most small business may have to turn away work because it may not be cost effective to travel to some areas.   While driving around London, it is clear that the olympic organisers may have omitted to take certain things into consideration.  For example, drivers already have limited lanes to travel considering there is a bus lane system in place, now we have to contend with an even smaller space with the implementation of an olympic lane.  These lanes are not properly sign posted and there are different dates for different lanes.  One would think that this would have been done more visibly to show when it starts and when it ends like the bus lanes, taking into consideration that there is a fine of £130 in place. There are numerous congestion hotspots in place which TfL have advised everyone to avoid. For motorists, if you can avoid going into these areas, please do.  Do not throw you money down the drain by entering the olympic lane in confusion.