In the United Kingdom, all rented properties whether private or through an estate agency, must have an annual gas safety check/CP12 Certificate done.  This must be signed by a responsible person as per the Gas Safety and Use Regulations Act 1998. “(2) Every landlord shall ensure that there is maintained in a safe condition— (a)any relevant gas fitting; and (b)any flue which serves any relevant gas fitting, so as to prevent the risk of injury to any person in lawful occupation or relevant premises”. While doing my own research as to the prices that are being charged to carry out Gas Safety Check/CP12, I was very alarmed at some of these prices considering what is involved.  I rang various estate agents around London and on average, they were getting prices between £35 - £45 per inspection of a rented property.  This immediately rang alarm bells when I heard these prices because they are too cheap considering what is involved in carrying out all of the required gas safety tests in conjunction with the legal requirement. It is not only the duty of the gas safe registered engineer to ensure that the job is done properly, it is also the duty of the landlord/agent to ensure not only that the person carrying out the required inspection is “a member or class of person recognized by the relevant authorities”.  Landlords and agents shall also be held accountable for these inspections to be carried out properly. Unfortunately, there is at present a culture of the cheaper the better in London for landlords/agents getting annual gas safety certificates carried out to their required properties.  It therefore demonstrates that these annual gas safety certificates are not being carried out properly and are putting people’s lives at risk. Just because landlords/agents tick the required box of having a member or class of person carrying out their gas safety checks does not mean they will not be held accountable under the law. Please find for your reference a list of the required procedures a gas safe registered engineer has to undertake when carrying out a gas safety certification to a property (this list was correct at time of publishing).  Gas Pipework and Fittings A visual inspection of all gas pipework and fittings throughout the property where accessible. A gas tightness test of the gas pipework and emergency control valve. Inspection of gas meter. Inspection and operation of emergency control valve (ECV). Electrical bonding to ensure electrical continuity present to gas pipework. Gas Appliances Visual Inspection of each appliance. Inspection of gas Isolation points to each appliance. Operational checks to each appliance to include controls. Operational pressure/burner pressure to each appliance Checking each appliance is burning gas properly (Flame Picture). Safety devices fitted to each appliance and operational. No signs of any spillage or distress to each appliance.  Flues and Ventilation Visual inspection of flues. Checking there is adequate supply of fresh air to each appliance including any vents fitted and there operation. Visual inspection of all flue terminals where accessible. Flues in voids NB* (New Regulation) every change of direction of a flue needs to have an inspection hatch fitted so all connections to a flue can be checked. CO2 otherwise known as gas analysis CPA1 as of 1st April 2012 needs to be complied with on each appliance that operates gas. It does take a competent gas engineer about an hour to carry out the above relevant checks on two appliances.  I read online the other day you can get your oven cleaned for about £65, which takes about an hour. I leave this question in your mind, to have an hour’s consultation with a solicitor may cost between £150 - £400 and a solicitor will not kill you but gas does, make sure that your gas safety inspections are carried out properly and your gas appliances are serviced annually. For competent Gas Engineers in London contact Platinum Emergency Service.